LimeSurvey solution


IT Department has added LimeSurvey to the service's portfolio as of March 2021 (Pilot Lightweight service). In this context a central instance has been launched to cover quick survey creation use case using LimeSurvey tool.

The documentation for this tool will focus on specific aspects to the CERN deployment and its contraints. For general help on how to use the tool, please check the previous link to the LimeSurvey upstream documentation.

Who can use the tool

LimeSurvey doesn't require any account in order to reply surveys created on it. But access control to the survey can still be controlled via Participants list. For a more controlled way of replying to a survey please check the other alternative based on Drupal.

Authentication (based on CERN SSO) is still required to create and manage surveys. Currently only accounts with a Minimum Level Of Assurance: EduGain with SIRTIFI are allowed to login into the platform. In order to access the administration panel for surveys you can use the address

Only the creator of a survey will have management permissions on the created survey, but additional permissions can be configured following this Survey Permission guide

How can I provide feedback or resolve my problems when using the tool

First google your problem and try to find a solution on the LimeSurvey documentation or forums. If no satisfactory solution is found, then you can contact other LimeSurvey users using the Mattermost channel linked before. Additionally for feedback there is Feedback survey you can find available when accessing called CERN LimeSurvey Feedback link