Drupal based solution


IT Department offers a Drupal infrastructure service that provides an easy and flexible way of hosting Drupal websites centrally at CERN.

Based on this technology you can create survey based form, voting systems, feedback form, or in general any king of web form.

This documentation will go through all the steps that will be required to create such solution on top of Drupal. If you feel documentation is not clear enough please use CERN Drupal community to give us feedback or post your questions (see link above)

All this is based on the current version supported at CERN, Drupal 8.

In order to implement webform/surveys solution based on Drupal we will base the functionality on the Drupal module Webform and some other extra modules for specific aspects.

Please note that many parts of the documentation/guide will be using some official videos created by the module maintainer. Sometimes explanations on the videos are quite complex and uses some Drupal jargon that might not be trivial. Don't worry we will provide extra text to extend explanations, clarify things or cover CERN specific use cases. If you still think that concepts are not clear enough please contact us, we want this documentation to be also accesible to anybody without any Drupal background.


This documentation expects the following requirements

  • You have a Drupal 8 website hosted on the Central IT Drupal service, if not please go to https://cern.ch/webservices to do that.
    • Site can be new one or existing one, that doesn't matter.
  • Even not critical, basic Drupal knowledge will help understanding some of the concepts and operations explained in this documentation and will help with the maintenability of the solution.